not sure if it is a defense mechanism, but when the air is cold, i go to black. well and if you walk around the streets of my hometown, which is cold most of the time, everyone do wear black. winter always brings me back to classic, uniform like outfits. again i think it's home and its heritage. i still think in french after all.

coat - vintage ralph lauren ; top - objects without meaning ; jeans - vintage calvin klein ; shoes - zara



i don't like december. it is cold (even in los angeles), the holidays are rushing and just feel like eating 3 times the amount you usually eat. this year though, it at least marks the very last step of the oh so brutal 2016. the idea of comfort zone has been in my head. i am definitely out of it at the moment, but then surprisingly i feel so refreshed by this uncertainty. 

jacket - thrifted ; pants - american apparel ; t-shirt - thrifted ; satchel - apc ; sneakers - nike



this is Cher Horowitz's pen version sweater. i still can't believe i found this one digging. the feathers on the collar are actually dark bordeaux almost prune. it was a certain challenge to outfit it, and then another to decide if i should were it out, to work... now i am gonna look for feathers everything.

sweater - thrifted ; jeans - american apparel ; sandals - marni ; satchel - a.p.c.



i found my match in chiffon. as i hate to wear bras, chiffon is not my favorite fabric. but this particular blouse has the embroidery ornaments on the right spots. thank you

blouse - vintage ; skirt - american apparel ; satchel - a.p.c.