Hier était presque parfait, ce genre de journée qu'on sélectionnerait bien pour un continu Groundhog Day.

On roule jusqu'à Long Beach parce qu'il n'y a pas de plage pour chien plus près de nous, et ça en vaut vraiment la peine. J'adore voir Indiana si heureuse et puis si hirsute.


La temperature était encore fraîche et c'est bien pour ça que vous ne verrai pas mon joli bikini orange :-) Encore une fois, je portais un ensemble complet American Apparel, et je viens alors encore à me demander, mais où est-ce que je vais acheter mes vêtements maintenant ?!? 


The good days are officially back in Los Angeles, dieu merci. I started to live like an hermit, eating after sleeping and vice versa probably like every single Angelinos when the weather is below 70. Back on the trails of the hills, I started paying a closer attention to what people usually wear while hiking/exercising. Black of course is the main color people do wear. I imagine it is because it slims you, I get that, I wouldn't dream to exercise in white or cream. Even though I use nude sometimes but there we are  meeting the fine line of masochism. 


Yesterday I was wearing my favorite set of brown workouts. Of course I couldn't buy any set of that color anywhere since the classic black/fushia/asphalt combo dominates the game. I simply went for a brown American Apparel legging and I cropped a thrifted nylon tank top to go with it. Done. The closest workout wear I found to meet my color desires is the Mauve set from Pansy.Co but then again, you must be able to afford it.

Why is that the color brown is so underrated? It honestly became of my favorite colors for the past few years and it is still so rare to see it around.

leggings- american apparel ; top - thrifted ; sunglasses - sunnies studios ; satchel - a.p.c.


not sure if it is a defense mechanism, but when the air is cold, i go to black. well and if you walk around the streets of my hometown, which is cold most of the time, everyone do wear black. winter always brings me back to classic, uniform like outfits. again i think it's home and its heritage. i still think in french after all.

coat - vintage ralph lauren ; top - objects without meaning ; jeans - vintage calvin klein ; shoes - zara

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i don't like december. it is cold (even in los angeles), the holidays are rushing and just feel like eating 3 times the amount you usually eat. this year though, it at least marks the very last step of the oh so brutal 2016. the idea of comfort zone has been in my head. i am definitely out of it at the moment, but then surprisingly i feel so refreshed by this uncertainty. 

jacket - thrifted ; pants - american apparel ; t-shirt - thrifted ; satchel - apc ; sneakers - nike

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this is Cher Horowitz's pen version sweater. i still can't believe i found this one digging. the feathers on the collar are actually dark bordeaux almost prune. it was a certain challenge to outfit it, and then another to decide if i should were it out, to work... now i am gonna look for feathers everything.

sweater - thrifted ; jeans - american apparel ; sandals - marni ; satchel - a.p.c.

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