i passed by The Last Bookstore today after lunch. it is a little weird but this is the only place around me where i can easily find french books. amazon is not cheap and barnesandnoble has no selection.

the interesting part of the experience is that as a second hand store, you can't really find something in particular, you have to do with what is there. but that means you will be inclined to read things you might never have thought of otherwise, and that i love!

so here is my latest find. "je ne peux plus vivre comme vous autres, négatifs" the title means in english "i can't live like you guys anymore, negatives". it talked to me at first because i am desperately trying to be a more positive person. then i realized what was the real subject of the book, the documentation of the early years of aids in switzerland and the work of a priest in 1987 to help patients with humanity and hope. heavy, but the beauty of the pictures, the humanity behind each of them was just amazing.

i spent an hour meditating on it, wondering if the people featured were still alive and being thankful to the researchers all around the world helping cure terrible diseases, so sad we never hear about them.



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